2021 Activities & Events

Welcome, Citizen Scientists, to Cover It Up in 2021.


Seeker's Ridge experimental site, photo by Citizen Scientist Tracy

April or May: Site upkeep

When you can, check on your site. Bring a permanent marker and something for taking notes. Please take these steps:

1) Look over the site. Do you notice any issues? Please contact Cover It Up staff with questions or concerns. We're here to help!

2) Re-label flags that have faded using a permanent marker.

3) Check that flags are securely in place and none are missing.

    If you're missing flags or other supplies, please contact Abbie (coveritup@umn.edu). There are no photos or measurements that need to be taken this spring.


    Cutting non-seeded buckthorn

    June - August: Cut non-test buckthorn

    Keep the experiment running by cutting non-test buckthorn every 4-6 weeks.

    A paper handout is being mailed to you. The handout (available as a PDF, here) contains detailed instructions, as well as a log for tracking your activities. We will ask you to transcribe your log records later into online survey.

    Want more information or guidance? Sign up for a Zoom "Clinic on cutting"


    Activity 2c

    August: Summer's End Activities

    Before leaves turn color, repeat the data collection activities.

    Events via Zoom


    Murphy Hanrehan Regional Park Fall 2018 - very open canopy

    Clinics on cutting non-test buckthorn

    Looking for guidance on "cutting non-test buckthorn" at your Cover It Up experimental site? Staff will explain steps, tools, and how to track your efforts using a paper log. Questions are welcome! All events are equivalent and you may attend as often as you like.

    Mondays at 12 noon, May 24-July 12, 2021

    (No events on Memorial Day, May 31 or July 5)




    Fisheye lens

    Clinics on Summer's End Activities

    Looking for guidance on "Summer's End Activities" at your Cover It Up site? Meet with staff to go over timing, steps, tools, and the paper Field Packet. Questions are welcome! All events are equivalent. Attend as often as you like.

    Mondays at 12 noon, July 19-September 20, 2021

    (No event on Labor Day, September 6)



    Cover It Up! Citizen Science

    CIU Socials

    Citizen Scientists, you're invited. Monthly social gatherings (via Zoom) are your chance to visit with others who share your passion for using plants to control buckthorn. Socials interactive and fun, rather than instructional. Attendance is optional. 

    Fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 pm



    Cover It Up Gratitude Party

    Gratitude Party

    Wrap up 2021 by celebrating the good work of CIU Citizen Scientists!

    Date and time to be announced.


    If you can't find information you're looking for on this page, try the FAQ page's section on 2021 activities.